Converts Case is a simple free online tool that converts any text to either lower case, upper case, proper or sentence case.

Pixels to Rem Conversion

Enter your value in rem and it will be automatically converted to pixels

Pixels to Rem
Rem to Pixels

PX ↔︎ REM conversion tables

Pixels REM
1px 0.06rem
2px 0.13rem
3px 0.19rem
4px 0.3rem
5px 0.3rem
6px 0.4rem
8px 0.5rem
10px 0.6rem
12px 0.8rem
14px 0.9rem
15px 0.9rem
16px 1rem
18px 1.1rem
20px 1.3rem
24px 1.5rem
25px 1.6rem
28px 1.8rem
32px 2rem
36px 2rem
40px 3rem
44px 3rem
48px 3rem
50px 3rem
56px 4rem
64px 4rem
72px 5rem
75px 5rem
80px 5rem
90px 6rem
100px 6rem
REM Pixels
0.01rem 0.16px
0.03rem 0.5px
0.05rem 0.8px
0.08rem 1.3px
0.1rem 1.6px
0.15rem 2px
0.2rem 3px
0.5rem 8px
1rem 16px
2rem 32px
3rem 48px
4rem 64px
5rem 80px
6rem 96px
8rem 128px
10rem 160px
15rem 240px
20rem 320px
30rem 480px
40rem 640px
50rem 800px
60rem 960px
80rem 1280px
100rem 1600px

Convert Pixel To REM

Here convertscase you will get another tool i.e. Convert Pixel to REM. The tool converts the text into default font size that is 16 pixels. You can also change the size.

By using the CSS rem unit, one can define a size relative to the font-size for that HTML root tag. It also works into both directions, so, all you have to do is just change the opposite value..

Example: 1px = 0.0625 rem

EM vs REM : The Difference Calculation

In every single document, the length of REM remains the same. It can be differ only in other documents. Meanwhile, EM can be different between every element because it is related to the element’s own font size. REM is the new unit and hence old browser do not support it.

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