Converts Case is a simple free online tool that converts any text to either lower case, upper case, proper or sentence case.

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What is Convert Case Online?

Convert Case Online is a free and easy tool with the help of which you can covert your words, characters, files, letters into Upper Case, Lower Case, Sentence Case and more. Free Convert Case Online tool is developed to provide a significant way to capitalize Letters and change the case of letter, words, files in 1 click.

Why use Convert Case Online?

Suppose you are writing an important document and by mistake the whole document has changed into Lower Case and now you must be thinking about how to change it back to normal? It is not that hard trust me. All you have to do is just visit Convert Case Online and use our one-stop portal to change case online in just one click.

Copy and paste the whole document in the free convert case tool provided above and select the desired feature you want like if you want to change the whole document from lower case to upper case then after pasting the document in the space provided, click on UPPER CASE button to make the changes. Similarly you can select any option from the given choices.

The choices you are getting in this free online case converter are: lower case, Sentence Case, Capitalized Case, UPPER CASE, AlTeRnAtInG CaSe and iNvErSe cAsE

Features of Case Convert Online

  • Online Text Converter
  • Free Text Converter
  • Small Text Converter
  • Upper Case to Lower Case
  • Lower Case to Upper Case
  • Sentence Case Converter
  • Alternating Case Converter
  • Inverse Case Converter
  • Title Case Converter

Online Text Converter

Converts Case is the best free online text converter website with the help of which you can convert all your text in different formats like lower case to upper case, sentence case, inverse case, etc. So in case you are looking to convert case online then no need to worry. Just copy your text and paste it in the section provided on our website.

Free Text Converter

Looking to convert your text online for free? Well, our website Converts Case is on of the best free online text converter website from where you can convert your text in different versions like in lower case, alternating case, etc.

Upper Case Converter

The upper case converter feature of our website (Convert Case online) provides a path or say a way to convert any text into Upper Case i.e. convert text in Capital Letters. All you need to do is just put your text, sentence, word into the text converter field. Now hit the Upper Case button. Now the complete text will turn into Upper Case. Lower case characters will also get turned into Upper Case. Whereas, the upper case ones will remain the same.
Example: HELLO

Capitalize Case

The convertscase online tool also helps in capitalizing the 1 st letter into Upper Case. Enter your text into the online case convert and then hit the Capitalize segment. This will generate the new text into Capitalize one. The sentence will have 1 st letter into Upper Case while the other will remain into Lower Case.
Example: Hello

Lower Case Converter

As the name suggests, it will convert the text into complete lower case format. The words or sentence you enter will get converted into lower case.
Example: hello

Alternating Text

The Alternating Text converter will allow the user to transform the text between upper case and lower case. The transformed sentence will look this
Example: hElLo

Title Case

If you are not getting the right way to convert the title then Title Case Text converter will help you. It ensures, in your title, you capitalize the right letter. Words such as “an” will be kept in lower case and words with importance will get capitalize.
Example: an Title

Final Words: You can also try other text converter online given here. This will help you in many ways and save your precious time for other works.

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